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make me choose - triplea85 asked Tara or Kennedy

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"The first scene of the premiere alone features some the most intense, tension filled filmmaking seen on the series to date, and it comes from just a mere four characters – three of which have never been seen before."

Merrill Barr, Forbes, on ORPHAN BLACK Season 2 (x)

I know I’ve said this before, but GIVE ME SEASON 2 OR GIVE ME DEATH

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You know, if I was a parent, it would be at this point that I’d rip the game from his hands, stash it in my backpack, and force him to enjoy history goddamnit. This vacation cost a lot and the game is only for the hotel and travel time.

imagine trying to force someone to think that stonehenge is fun

"enjoy these historical rocks god damn it you’re eight years old"
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why is being alive so expensive


You spelled “suck” wrong.


i literally can’t even tell what you’re trying to say

  • why is being alive so suck
  • why is being alive suck
  • why is suck
  • suck is being alive so expensive
  • why suck so expensive




what the fuck is going on

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"I dunno, just laying face down on the couch and waiting for some baby boomers to die, I guess"
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this is a view of a giraffe I did not think I’d ever see

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for some reason i was reminded of the time where I had one of these sodas:


and it had been shaken at one point without me knowing, so when i cracked it open it started to foam and fizz like crazy.

So, to prevent it from getting everywhere i put my mouth over the entire cap and kept swallowing until it stopped


and that was my first gay experience

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